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A Good List

The 100 Best Products of 2007,131935-page,13/article.html Advertisements

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My Google Notebooks

I have recently rediscovered the use of google notebook and have decided to share two. My gratitude goes to Google for providing such good service. Google, you are good.

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Mac OS & Scattered Thoughts

After solutions for Chinese input, mouse acceleration, keyboard shortcuts, bittorent, video playing, iTunes, Internet browser, file sharing, software source, etc were found (though with a few issues), Mac OS has officially become usable to me. The more I use the … Continue reading

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Successors of MP3

  提起音频有损压缩格式,第一个映入脑海的就是MP3。MP3向来就是很好的格式,有人说MP3的音质不好,那是由于他听的MP3不是Lame编码器编码的,Lame早已是公认的最好的MP3编码器。 不过再好的格式也有它淘汰的时候。MP3现已老态龙钟,是它寿终正寝的时辰了。 MP3的特性 MP3在128kbp以下的编码音质是现存编码里最差的。即便是128kbps音质也很一般。这限制了其灵活性。 Joint Stereo & VBR可变比特率是MP3特别是Lame的强项,在平均187kbps左右下MP3的效率极高,所以自己压缩MP3,平均比特率在160-190是最佳选择,这也是MP3的用途所在。 在平均220kbps左右的高比特率下MP3的效率低于MPC等格式,所以不推荐使用。 MP3的适用性最广,否则早就淘汰了。 AAC – The Successor of MP3 Bundled with mpeg4, AAC is designed to be the successor of MP3. 从设计上来看,AAC的效率要比MP3高很多。AAC使更多的音频信息得以保留,特别是MP3处理不好的的高音部分,所以听起来要比MP3清晰很多。 128kbps的AAC就已经很不错了,相对于VBR MP3又优点但也有差距。VBR 160kbp的AAC我认为是最佳选择。 Flac – Personal Favorite Flac – Free Lossless … Continue reading

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What Is Easy

The easist thing to do in the world is to make a mistake.

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Aero || Integrated Graphics

Do not use Aero 3D in Vista if you use an integrated graphics card with 1G memory. Integrated graphics card uses dynamic memory technology, allowing it to borrow system memory for its own use.   However, as the number of running … Continue reading

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The Gap

Desire || Capability Let’s bridge the gap between them.

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