Finally, finally I found out what is wrong with me.

Almost all of my problems can be attributed to one single cause: ADHD.

I am greatly relieved that my problems have a specific cause and it’s been affecting all areas of my life for years, but it is only recently that this mental disorder (disability) have become excessively annoying.

My bi-polar disorder, my depression, my gaming addictions (the need for constant stimulus), my inability to focus on reading / studies / homework, my inability to focus in class, my inability to follow a planned schedule / rules, my inability to control my rage, my lack of social abilities, and my excessive self-interest are all side effects of ADHD.

Therefore, I hereby declare myself having a moderate mental disorder (disability) named ADHD, and I will fail life if this disease goes untreated.

If a computer malfunctions, what do you do? You have to identify the cause of the problem. If you don’t know where is wrong, you cannot solve the problem.

I know what is wrong with me now, and I expect nothing out of myself unless this disease is treated.

Much better…

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1 Response to ADHD

  1. Derek says:

    lol,I very much hope to read your assay! Mantal disorder? Come on,give me a break! I have suffered from it for several times!

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