The Unseen


My former advisor had written me a poem because I told her some of the bad things happening in China. She is someone with good faith just so you know…

Hello Sirui, below is the poem I created from what you wrote to me. I hope that you like it 🙂  Mary
The Unseen 8/6/10
Let me start by saying
This is not the end of a story
For things are quite deep
This page cannot capture
Things which it has not seen
In a country across the sea
In a world far away
I hear of things
Things that are bleak
In a society where lies
Are more real than truth
Where money defines
What one will do
Faith in money
Slaves to a system
Where the only way out
Is more appealing than living
Where censorship rules
And religion is a joke
Where only idiots believe
In something called hope
Ignored and forgotten
Broken and bruised
Are the spirits and bodies
Of those who cannot choose
Their life
Their religion
Their place in the world
Their freedom to believe
In something worth more
More than what is dictated
Brainwashed it seems
To believe in a reality
Where truth is unseen

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