Mac OS & Scattered Thoughts

After solutions for Chinese input, mouse acceleration, keyboard shortcuts, bittorent, video playing, iTunes, Internet browser, file sharing, software source, etc were found (though with a few issues), Mac OS has officially become usable to me. The more I use the OS the more I discover how intelligent it is. People who made the OS have tastes. I really am enjoying it right now.

Thinking about my near-future computers, it has to be two: a powerful desktop machine running windows, and a lightweight laptop running primarily Mac (with virtual machine running Windows XP within Mac), two at the same time. Their hard drives will be shared by gigabyte LAN or wireless connection. Luckily for me though more than half of this near-future has been realized.

As an explanation for my choice, I have concluded that Windows and Mac are fundamentally two different things which cannot even be compared with each other. So why not take advantage of the two? If using Mac OS makes me more comfortable, then why not? As for Windows, no one can totally abandon it. As a matter of fact, Windows will still be the power horse for the time being.

PC is a tool and more than a tool. What is hard to think about is with its exponential development for the last ten years, where is it going now? The infinite expansion space of its future is simply intriguing. From the day electrical computer was invented it is destined to be the most ‘promising’ machine man has created for himself, the most complex and the most world-changing. Being born into this age to witness how logical machines change the way people live can be considered a privilege :o> Wait, what am I talking about @$!@$!@$% This is useless…

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