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Hidden Information

What are you looking at? Haha! This is quite useful. Advertisements

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This piece of writing serves as one of the reasons I started my blog: to get a chance to practise my written English. So if you are not interested, please do not waste your time, you have more important things to do. … Continue reading

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Intelligence is measured by what you have accomplished, what you have achieved, and whether you have made a difference, not by some stupid IQ score; it is a long-term effect.   Look at your road behind, have you made a difference? … Continue reading

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Risk and Reward

The key lies in judging whether the reward is worth the risk.

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Why block my Wiki, again? 为什么封锁维基百科?

我是一年半以前知道Wikipedia的,当时还没等知道它是什么东西就被封锁了。 Unexpectedly, last month, people in China mainland were fiannly able to visit Wikipedia to take a look at the knowledge that belongs to the entire human race. I was more than happy, and it gives me one more reason to … Continue reading

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Creative Power

培根说knowledge就是power,不可否认。 只是,当人人都有knowledge,也意味着人人都有power,which quals to [人人都没有power]。 此时,第二种power出现了,creative power。   Creative Power = "从现有的知识/信息中接近随机地取出似乎是毫不相关的一些项,然后逻辑的将他们拼接到一起并组成有新的用途的东西的能力。" 这就要求具有Creative Power的人有两种相互矛盾的能力,一是随机乱序能力,二是逻辑分析能力。   如果上述分析成立,计算机一样也可以拥有creativity,但计算机永远没有soul,所以还成不了人,也远不如人。据我所知现在的AI(人工智能)只停留在对应人设定的情况下的阶段,如果计算机能够对自身编程,那就实现了软件的一大跨越。这就像用机器制造机器,没有什么不可能的。 If this can be done, you know what the possibilities are.

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Many Quotes of the Day 每日引言

If knowledge can create problems, it is not through ignorance that we can solve them.  – Issac Asimov   To avoid criticism do nothing, say nothing, be nothing.  – Elbert Hubbard   Better to light one small candle than to curse … Continue reading

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