The Fall of Sirui


This is it. I have failed. I have failed this whole thing… I have become someone I don’t like, someone who doesn’t value life, happiness, or prosperity, someone who doesn’t value friendship, relationship, or love, someone who can’t see light out of darkness, hope out of desperation, good out of evil… This me is definitely not the same me five years ago.

I have fallen from what I had wished to be: an optimistic individual filled with joy of living each day, who enjoys what he does, brings happiness to his surroundings, and strives to live his life to the fullest..

What have I become? A self-absorbed lunatic who hates this life and sees no hope out of it.. He isn’t in good terms with anyone, not even his family, his parents because he has lost his way. Each volume of air he breathes only makes him suffer more. What a sad little creature he is in the seemingly infinite space-time.

I have fallen, and this is proof. Only God can help me now.


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