Power MacBook


The new hard drive I ordered has brought a sizable improvement to MacBook’s performance, among which, the most noticeable are Leopard starting-up and application loading. I am completely satisfied with the purchase.

With a 320GB hard drive, 4GB Memory, 2.0G Core 2 Duo (4MB L2 Cache), and running the efficient Leopard OS, my MacBook has become a Power MacBook.

Now Take a look at the new MacBook’s specs @ $1299.00:

2.0G Core 2 Duo (3MB L2 Cache); 160GB hard drive; 2GB RAM; 9400m Graphics

What a complete downgrade in performance in three major components! Yes, mine has much poorer integrated graphics. But who cares? My MacBook isn’t for games, 8800GT handles that.

Power MacBook. MacBook, empowered.

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