What the hell for?


Yeah, life! Eat, work (sleep), have fun, rinse, sleep, repeat.


I am amazed to see how human is able to tolerant such repetition for ~365*80 days, and yet, this is all we have. All we have.

How much fun can you squeeze out of insignificant events? It seems an infinite amount of fun can be dug out of infinite small things. What keeps us going? What makes you feel good about tomorrow?


You are smart when you feel like an idiot. You are diligent when you feel like not having done enough.

– Sikuli

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2 Responses to What the hell for?

  1. Derek says:

    Sikuli? Your English name?I thought it was a Japanese name.Cuz many Japanese names end with"i"

  2. Sirui says:

    Nah it’s more like an alias.

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