Project Hitler Manifesto


It’s official. My latest project, codename Hitler has begun. Project Hitler is the project of project and is highly ambitious. It incorporates all areas concerning my life and its end result will definitely be beyond current imagination.

As you know for the past several years I have been laying low and didn’t want any unnecessary attention. Well, now I want some change. You see, something was wrong about me; something not quite right, but it was fixed; somehow, I know what’s right now, and I am almost always right. That’s how Project Hitler came to begin.

For the first time in a long time, I have gained confident in myself and believe that I can do it, even though I may not 😉 That’s the way to go isn’t it?

For the first time in a long time I have gained optimism. For too long, I was in depression and pessimistic thoughts poured all over me. “What’s the point? How will it change anything?” That was my favorite thought, but now the pessimistic view have been changed.

I say, optimism alone may be the only thing one needs. Regardless of one’s past situations, as long as you look to the future in a positive way, and as long as you stay in that way, your future will be awesome. Oh, I digress.

Project Hitler is an ambitious self-improvement plan. My first plan was to learn the English language and see beyond the great firewall of China. It started in late 2003; I successfully did that in 2005. But now, after 5 years, I did nothing. There had been no great plan. I wanted nothing.

Everything will be changed with Project Hitler. In two years, you will see a new me. It’s like an awakening. I have been sleeping for five years, and now it’s time to wake up.

After World War I, Hitler rebuilt the Germany Army in a short time and conquered the whole Europe. What gift did Hitler have besides his ability to persuade? His instincts. Well, I have my instincts too, and I believe they will guide me to the right path.

For the longest time I have been seeking a way out of the mediocre. Guess what, I was wasting my time. I am not the mediocre after all.

This is where it all started. Mark my words.

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3 Responses to Project Hitler Manifesto

  1. Suotian says:

    command & conquers

  2. Derek says:

    Have you ever watched a TV series named <<Fringe>>?In S2E14 there was a project relating to Nazi.BTW:time permitting, you’re gonna research tai chi. You will know why you are in depression or in delight. I met the same situation.

  3. Sirui says:

    Yeah somebody else also mentioned Fringe so maybe I should add it to my watching list… Tai Chi though, time permitting only.

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