Tier 4 Intelligence


I have been waiting for so long… something has been missing from me… something…

And now, I can feel it; I can feel it right now, at this very moment… I have finally reached Tier 4 intelligence. For the past two weeks something have changed… Something subtle yet substantial…

You see, humanity develops in breakthroughs rather than linear progression. For each individual, it will happen that in a few days he or she, all of a sudden, gains understanding never occurred to himself before. The individual moves on, like a death and rebirth, drops the old self and gains a new self, and continue the adventure of life in a much more complex way never before imagined.

For myself, I can classy my times of breakthroughs as the following:
Age 0-5: Tier 0
Age 5-12: Tier 1
Age 12-15: Tier 2
Age 15-22: Tier 3
Age 22-??: Tier 4

I, however, observed that other individuals, on average, gain Tiers faster than me, and it should look something like this:
Age 0-3: Tier 0
Age 3-7: Tier 1
Age 7-12: Tier 2
Age 12-18: Tier 3
Age 18-??: Tier 4

That explained a lot. Ever since age 18 I was going against Tier 4 intelligence with my own Tier 3, so no wonder it’s been so hard. I felt that people began to behave in a way I could not understand and my mind wasn’t delicate enough to understand the complexity of this whole thing… Not only that, certain performance was even worse than Tier 2.

To make an analogy, for me it’s like:
Tier 0 – Pentium I
Tier 1 – Pentium II
Tier 2 – Pentium III
Tier 3 – Pentium IV
Tier 4 – Core 2 Duo
*Tier 5 – Core i7

So before Tier 4 I was at the late stage of Tier 3, which was quite similar to those inefficient 3.x Ghz Pentium IVs. Now just upgraded to Core 2 Duo.

How do I know that I have reached this stage? Well, you just know, and that’s it. You see everything at a new level of complexity never occurred to you before and you begin to really feel like an adult.

I end this with a quote I learned just now:
"If you work really hard and be really kind, amazing things will happen."
– Conan O’Brien

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