No Improvement; Need to Take Purdue Seriously


Last post was about how I failed first month of the semester. Now how about the second month?

I had some success in specific areas, but even worse in general. I succeed in areas I put my effort on and failed in areas I neglected, and I neglected almost everything.

This is the time for me to ask myself a few questions. Do I like Electrical Engineering? Am I motivated to learn? Why do I have time management problem? What is the ultimate reason for failing?

Maybe, maybe I have taken this whole Purdue thing too lightly. As US Engineering top 10, getting a EE undergraduate degree from Purdue should be easy, right? I should be able to not spend time learning and doing and get A, right? No! How can it be easy if you even think about it! How can it be achieved without enormous amount of effort?

But how can I be this stupid? How have I lost my way? How did all of these happen?

People make mistakes, nobody is perfect. It is important to be conscious of what you are doing and learn from where you have mistaken, and transfer it into action. I have lost my mind; I have lost my focus; I have lost my way. Can I get them back?

One month later it will be answered.

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