One Can Never Give Up Hope – It’s What Keeps Us Going


Due to various reasons I did not have a good start of this semester. In fact, not having a good start is quite an understatement. I screwed up. I screwed it all up.

Wait, I had a good summer, or did I? Yes I did, the summer was fantastic! Everything was good, no, perfect, just a little more than one month ago.

Now this… I am in this deep shitty situation where… I lost all hope and first, want a time machine to travel back in time and when it didn’t work out (obviously), really lost all self-esteem and began to wish not being me and would rather not have this life. It really sucks.

It is dramatic how much can change in one month, and once hope is gone, one has nothing to stay on to.

But hope cannot be gone. There has to be hope; it is what keeps us going. I may lose everything, but I still have everything that really matters: the spirit.

Let it be witnessed how I change the course of this semester and turn it into a beauty. Let the revolution begin, the end result can only be better, no, much better. How can I live like before!

Yes, this is more like it.

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One Response to One Can Never Give Up Hope – It’s What Keeps Us Going

  1. Suotian says:

    why is ‘svrewed up’ so popular nowadays? the thing is just right, you keep everything good in your mind, and won’t forget the bad things too. everything have been kept in human’s mind and the porduction is spirit

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