Theory of Delusion


I have been observing how our belief system affect our decisions and therefore actions, and I have been trying to make sense of it. So far, here is my best conclusion:

The best model I have is kind of sad: everyone is delusional, with no exceptions. Our perception will always be an approximation of what it is and NEVER what it really is. On side of the scale, some of our perceptions are close and some very close. On the other side, some of our perceptions are complete delusions, existing nowhere but within our mind. Both of these, however, are “delusions”, some more, some less.

So the even bigger question is, is it better that we have a close-to-what-it-is delusion than a far-from-what-it-is delusion?

I think the answer to this question depends on your disposition. If you are happier believing some thing that is apparently not there (that is why you need to believe, faith, some called), go ahead. If you are formulating theories on something that might explain certain phenomena, go ahead also. Since all of these are delusions, inner satisfaction transcend whether they are true or not.

There are, however, consequences of delusions. A close-to-reality delusion will generate results that align with your wish, due to it being a better approximation. We say someone is right, what we mean is someone’s opinion, or “delusion”, is exactly, or very close to what it is, as perceived by us.

Mankind of similar “delusions” group together and form a society, and thereafter civilization. Mankind sometimes fight due to difference in “delusions”, and even to death for their “delusions”, and never to understand that those difference exist only in their mind.

I perceive human as a product of nature, a natural phenomenal just as everything else. With this delusion, I seek peace and happiness.

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