The Best-Valued Purchase


Today after the exam (which unfortunately I cannot get a full score) I went to the local Goodwill store for some digging. The store sells second-hand stuff people donated and all profit goes to charity. Among the “ashes”, I found this:


An old SONY portable CD player that also supports FM/AM (as can be seen from the cover). Having been a SONY fan for years (now I’m totally over it), this thing quickly lighted my eye. Being a mechanical and vulnerable CD walkman, I don’t have even a shred of hope that this thing will work considering the place it is in. I, however, emerged the idea of using it as just a radio. See the price! For only $3, it is well worth it.

I picked it up and started my investigating process. This walkman was made in China, which, considering the price isn’t at all surprising. The whole thing is made of plastic, indicating a cheaper model of the product line, but I don’t care. Then all of a sudden, I found a CD among the stash, and realized I have 2 AA lithium battery in my mighty mouse. Try-out! I put batteries and the CD in, close the lid, and viola! It worked! I quickly get ER-4p out of my pocket and start listening. It worked! Everything worked! I then tried radio, it also worked flawlessly. What I deal!


And just like that, I got my $3 SONY CD walkman and walked out of the store, then enjoyed a free meal at KFC.

Now prepare for next exam.

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One Response to The Best-Valued Purchase

  1. Derek says:

    Why can you enjoy the free meal?

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