We are helpless… Maybe not.


First, let me think about what is not I. I am not the world, I am not you, I am not my body, and I am not my mind. Either I am a consciousness generated by my physical brain which is supported by my physical body, as perceived by me, or I am something else. But the fact of the matter is that I am isolated from everything else. I can use my mind but I am not my mind. I reside within / outside my mind and watch everything outside.

To me, life is of few choices. You are given a body and a mind. Your body has some properties. Your mind has much more properties. You are given a personality, which you cannot choose nor can you alter. You are given some intelligence by the mind, which you have no real power to change either. You have no choice of your preferences. What you like, what you do not like, are not really selectable. All you can do in life is to find what you like and make a pursuit of it, or simply be competitive enough to maintain some living status.

But you argue, we can change ourselves!

But all the change we can apply to ourselves are within our boundaries as being limited there in the first place, I argue it back.

Final argument? You never know.

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