Semester Crisis


Albeit the co-op offer, despite the seeming success, each week of this semester poses a huge challenge. Not only academic-wise, socially it has not been easy either. These difficulties I have been having have lead me to depression every now and then – I begin to have doubts as to whether the methods I used are of any good at all. Among everything, I fear the utter failure – the complete catastrophe of all. In this crisis, it is time to withdraw my CoH addiction as much as possible, because in most cases video games just do more harm than good. I cannot believe instead of having some real progress in life, I have spent the last two years as a part-time gamer. This single game has taken a good chunk of life out of me, thereby hindering the progress of my other areas. What have I done!

Code red code red. I may very likely fail the second series of exams if I am not careful. Under the circumstances, two priorities has to be taken:

Priority No.1: Keep excellent academic standing, all else secondary.

Priority No.2: Keep mental stability as well as physical health, all else besides No.1 are secondary.

These will not solve other problems, but it will at least keep what matters worth. This is it for now, thank you for reading.

[Update] I got 100/100 for the first math exam! Ha.

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