First Co-Op Offer!


Ok I got this mail this morning:

Good morning, Sirui

Thank you very much for speaking with us with regards to the Engineering
coop position with Landis+Gyr.  I would like to speak with you ASAP
regarding the position.  Do you have any time today to set up a time to
talk?  I left you a voicemail yesterday late in the afternoon as you
were not available.

Have a great day!


Michelle Kincer
Human Resources Representative
Energy Measurement Products
Office: +1 765 429 1297
Fax: +1 765 429 1291
manage energy better

Then I called her during the break between classes and she said Landis & Gyr is going to offer me $14 an hour for the 3-session Co-Op program in Lafayette. I still haven’t got the official offer mail yet (she said it would be early next week) but this is just great! I have until next weekend to decide whether to accept it or not.

You know, after being through the hell of this week, this is so damn well worth it. This has also lead me to trust my own feelings / decisions more. Time has come for me to realize 1) one just needs to do it 2) one does it, one may just succeed; one doesn’t do it, one will certainly fail. So why not take the chances, on everything?

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One Response to First Co-Op Offer!

  1. CiCi says:

    good for you!!!!!!!

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