Ok so the worst part is not over…


Today I got two responses from two of the employers (which I did well in), one through email, the other through voicemail. The email tells me to set up a phone interview to get to know more about me and my qualifications. The voicemail basically told me to phone her to get more information. So it’s not over…

But from what it looks like, any news is good news. Ahh, the challenge isn’t over…

This really is an exhausting week. I slept 4 hours on Mon, 1 hour on Tue, and 2 hours on Wed. After stressing myself the whole day trying to finish the programming assignment (finally over), now I still have two homework due until 11:55 pm. All of these are really killing me.

Time to care more about survival.

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One Response to Ok so the worst part is not over…

  1. CiCi says:

    看看你,再看看我,尽管我也好累,可是你比我还累,我没有什么再该抱怨的… for you, you can handle everything, so just keep on moving…. for me, I also have to… life goes on~~

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