Worst Part is Over… [Update]


Ha, the interviews, yes, I think I did pretty well for two of them, the other one pales a little bit in comparison but it wasn’t too bad either. I would say the overall experience is enjoyable. In fact, I will be surprised if I won’t received a single offer. There has to be at least one, come on! Now what I do? Sit back and prepare for exam while doing programming assignment so that after the exam I can start eliminating four homework dues. More and more, Purdue is showing what it’s made of; it’s not a waste of money anymore…

But I can’t help but envision the prospect of receiving coop offers. If I got the offer, I will have: social security number, a relatively substantial monthly income, a really good working / learning experience, plus a pretty much secured future employment. That’s… actually… more of less… the best case I can think of. Why, why work for $6-8 an hour when you can get close to $14, and full time? What? Financial crisis? Global depression? I don’t care. I think specific situation matters much more than general situation. Ok time’s up gotta go to class…


Too optimistic? The day isn’t even over and I once again begin to indulge the habit of doubting myself… Nevertheless, let me quiet the hype a little bit: yes there are chances but they still remain chances; nothing is for certain at this moment. No I did not get the Co-Op, even though doing well in interviews may lead to that. The higher the hope the bigger the disappointment. Nevertheless-still, a big part of me really want this to work out for this is perfect timing. Co-Op intern is exactly what I need right now, both experientially and financially.

To me the best of luck. No fears.

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