Hell is Coming [Update]


Ok. Two exam, three interviews, one huge programming assignment, all placed on next Mon, Tue, and Wed. I want to survive this, but I am not sure anymore. Actually, I am depressed. I am depressed due to all the work ahead of me.

Maybe it’s time to taste a bit of failure, and learn something from it. One can’t always win… The point is to learn, not to win.


Lesson learned. What lesson? You don’t delay what needs to be done until before the deadline, especially if there are a lot to do; you do them beforehand. Procrastination leads to cramming, and cramming is the root cause of failure. Now I am here, cramming for what should have been done preferably a week ago. So instead of wishing one could roll back time, it’s infinitely better to continue cramming…

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One Response to Hell is Coming [Update]

  1. CiCi says:

    I am here and support you, don’t worry, believe in yourself

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