Destiny Transcendence

I’ve done some thinking, pondering, meditating, or whatever you want to call it, and I have decided that in no way, no matter how, what, which, where, when, am I accept myself, nor admit myself, nor am myself an average human being. No. I am different, almost too different from the average.

The difference is innate, self-reflect, and unchangeable. The difference is down to the brain wiring level. Yes I have a different brain, gotta admit. No matter how hard I try, how hard I want to act, there is just no way I can be the same, the average, the "everyone".

Sadly, difference does not have to be good. One can be different and be nothing. One can be different and suck. One can be different and do evil things. How does my difference define me?

What have I always wanted?

The answer is here: the complete and total transcendence.

Once again, sadly, it so seems this cannot be accomplished as long as one is alive. As long as one is alive, there is no absolute of anything.

So during the time which I am alive, what do I want? I ask myself.

Well, how about making use of the difference to do as much good as possible? How about bringing out as much wonder as possible? How about making ideas shine, making things tick?

Can I?

Well, it’s worth trying. Besides, I have found a way 🙂

When doing it is not for the result of doing it, you will find its meaning.

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