Cheaters Losers


As my CoH level progresses, I encountered more and more drop-hackers – people who “pull the plug” once they found out they can’t win. Once a person does a drop-hack, it may lead to several endings. It usually results in everyone being dropped out of the game, effectively rendering the game void. What is worse, the winners may lose the game due to this evil trick. Sometimes the system recognizes those who drop-hacks and give the correct win. But sometimes it does not. SUCKS!

Drop-hacking is not illogical, though. If you can “win” the game you lose, why not? Explaining the increased trend of drop-hacking among high level players isn’t hard either: the more the prestige, the more the tendency of keeping it. “I cannot lose! I need to keep my level!” That’s their psychology.

But why? I ask drop-hackers. Why do you have to cheat? Why do you have to maintain your “level” even if it does not reflect your true level? Do you get paid to getting more levels? I think not.

A level is a reflection of one’s gameplay. I would rather be recognized as a lower level than my true level instead of being recognized at a level higher than what I really am, because I see no use what the reflection is; I see true use how well I play.

A drop-hacker is the reverse. He cares more about which level he “appears to be” than the level to which he really belongs. The appearance, that’s what he cares about.

Does the appearance matter? Some people think so.

I think the appearance does not ultimately matter.

Cheaters lose in the end. They always do. Cheaters are losers.

See, I am trying to see beyond the game here. Think about life. Think about how many people cheat life the same way – the appearance. It’s always for the appearance…

Don’t be a loser.

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