Back to right hand mouse?


I am considering the possibility to switch back to right hand mouse, that is, the typical way of using a computer as opposes to the left handed way.

The reasons are as follows:

  • Bill Gates uses the mouse this way. I mean, if he’s good at computers and he uses mouse this way and he opposes the other way, there must be a reason.
  • Every computer is set up to have mouse on the right and keyboard on the left. If I use it the other way, how can it provide tech support? Or, how can others help you? Switching it back and forth wouldn’t work; it just proves inconvenient if you are the odd one out.
  • I have used computer this way ever since I started, until Aug, 2004. That’s 5 years and 7 months of training, during which time I like computers and software by itself. After Aug 2004, I switched mouse hand and found myself more interested in the contents computers provide rather than computer itself. I had been immersed in games, downloading, web-surfing, stuff like that and it’s not because I like computer that I use it. Clearly something has changed me and it could be the switch. I want to again love computers and machines due to its existence not due to the content so I want to switch it back.
  • I don’t seem to be good at computer anymore. I mean, those who are good at it dig into programming, codes, database, use professional software etc and I am not doing any of it because I am not interested in it. What am I interested in? Shooting games? Company of Heroes? That’s all I am interested in.
  • Speaking of Company of Heroes, I have been playing this game online for around a year and what rank am I at? The best I got is just below 1000, somewhere around 800 and this is not where I should be. I should be able to get to at least somewhere around 100 and I know it. Something isn’t right. When I am playing the game I just don’t feel right, it isn’t perfect, it doesn’t goes the way I wanted, and sometimes I just suck. Well, it seems after 4 years and 4 months of left hand training, my right hand still beats my left easily as reflected in the games. One game in particular showed the difference: I was playing left-handed and I totally sucked at the beginning and my teammate complained what a noob I was, in anger I switched to right hand and then somehow I invented a new strategy and totally kicked ass. In the end we won with laughter and I got 50% more score than my teammate. From being suck to transcending my teammate, I think it means something.
  • My excellent memory is gone. I can’t remember well and I think it has something to do with the switch. The switch has messed up my already-there brain circuit to be good at both computers and learning. Most of my English vocabulary has been accumulated before 2004, and after which time I just can’t remember anymore.
  • Brain theory. The left brain is essential to computer-related thinking. The right brain has nothing to do with it. Am I being incredibly idiotic trying to use my right brain to do left brain job? It seems quite so.

Well I’ll switch back for a while and see what happens. I have my options open you know.


It seems I am in this dilemma:

Right hand mouse costs me a lot more effort. It tires my brain easily and I can even get a headache. But I do seem to get better overall results, sometimes results so amazing it’s hard to believe. Also my brain seems to operate faster and takes more information from the environment. In short, I seem to be overclocking my brain by simply using the hand I should not be using. After using it for while, my brain got “overheat” and “burned”, so the performance declines.

Left hand mouse costs me almost zero effort. I can use my left hand all day long and it never feels tired. Quite amazing actually, but the problem is it doesn’t get me the result I want. My brain doesn’t seem to “know” what it is doing and linear thinking cannot be established. In short, I seem to be “underclcoking” my brain by using the hand I am comfortable with.

What a dilemma!

What the fuck! Seriously.

So it all comes down to a simple choice. For most, this is never a problem. For me, left or right, that’s the question.

The solution can be expressed in C code as invented by me during this summer:

while (right hand causing headache != 1) {

use right hand;


      use left hand;


That is to say, as long as my brain is not “burned out”, I use my right hand. Once it does, I use my left hand, and after my brain “cools down”, I use my right hand again. And this repeats.

You’ll probably think I’m kind of crazy. Yes I am and you should consider yourself lucky this doesn’t happen to you. God is fair you know, the extra effort I spending in using both hands shall not go unrewarded.

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