English Name Chosen, Explained


Ok, sort of news. I have chosen my official English name to be Sirius.

For a long time I haven’t chosen an English name since I want my name to be unique, sort of. There better not be another person close to me who has the same name as mine. The name itself also should have certain meanings I like. The name should sound good, and not too difficult to remember. The name should have appropriate length.

I have also known the name “Sirius” for years but it wasn’t until today that I have made it official.

Reasons for choosing Sirius:

  • Sirius is similar to Sirui in two ways: visual and sound. This creates some tie between my Chinese name and English name – easy to remember; good connection.
  • Those who read Harry Potter should know that one of the people favorite characters in the book is Sirius Black, Harry’s Godfather. There’s almost zero number of people in real life who is named Sirius, and this satisfied my requirement of uniqueness.
  • Sirius itself is the name of a star (as in stars that shine by burning hydrogen through fusion – stars in universe), and it happens to be the brightest star in the sky. Star creates light and energy. Light represents life and everything good. Thus the meaning is satisfied.
  • Sirius satellite radio. Well-informed. Easy to remember.
  • Sirius, “serious”, close in pronunciation. Yes I am too damn serious and I don’t joke around.

Therefore, I am “siriusly” named Sirius.

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