Ape, Religion, You


In the following writing I expressed my dislike for all religions. Please proceed with caution.

I am, kind of, not very comfortable with the idea that there is a “person” being the God that looks, thinks, or behaviors like us in a certain way and at the same time being “God”. No, if there really is a God, it is definitely not a person. It is something way beyond our understanding.

Do you care about what an ape think? Let me make an assumption here: an ape could have thought that apes are created by ape-God and that the world, too, is created by ape-God, who looks like an ape but is above all apes. The ape-God determines how things work and maybe there is an ape heaven and ape hell. To the ape, men are just some creature created by ape-God, and those men who don’t accept ape-God, the one true God, should go to ape hell and experience eternal torment.

Now this sounds hilarious and you wouldn’t care about what an ape think because, you think ape is below you. An ape is an animal and you are human, wait, are we animals or not? This is a hard question…

Does what the ape think matter? No. What an ape thinks only matters to itself. It could think whatever the world would be and it wouldn’t change anything.

See, the things is, that, we seem to be, just, well, to put it clearly, advanced apes.

We made it a little more complex, added a few stories, and… yeah, we got our human-God, a much more sophisticated version than what the apes have.

And there are lots of Gods, invented by different races. People fought over the true God, the one true God.

“We did that because our God told us to.”

I laughed my ass off.

I think, that:

A person who believes in religion, any religion that offers to the public, lacks proper critical thinking skills. Anyone who thinks critically enough should not fall into the pitfall of any religion. A child, however, lacks critical thinking skills and is taught to believe whatever it is. It is plainly sad how religions are passed through generations by means of teaching defenseless children what the world is. This is my current view on this matter.

Wait, wait a second, religion is merely a belief constructed through faith instead of concrete proof. Isn’t atheism, too, merely a belief without concrete proof?

I would prefer to be agnostic than a atheist. But in this case, I don’t think proof matters. Like an ape, what a person believes in only matters to him/herself. What has been proved is the world doesn’t operate based on the way one thinks it does. It operates based on its own rule and the best one can do is to understand it properly, and further, based on the rule it is, create something that works under the rule.

In my opinion, all religion operates on the opposite. It defines how the world should operate based on one’s own (maybe vivid) imagination. Religious people pray, it is a kind of magical thinking.

This is just childish. Religion is a childish, a low-level understanding of spirituality.

So if religion is childish, what is not? What do I purpose? What is my point?

Besides bashing all religions in existence, I think a person should develop his/her own understanding in the area of spirituality. Instead of choosing a “doctrine”, one chooses to be quiet, looking inside of oneself and following the direction within. What does your heart tell you?

Sometimes you just know.

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