MacBook Leopard Dead? Holy Crap!


This is one of those moment you want to say: holy crap!

Here’s how it happened: I was listening to some music on my MacBook, then I put it to sleep. But right after that I changed my mind and I pressed a key to wake it up. Maybe I pressed it too soon without it finishing the sleep routine first, because it offered no response. Then 30 seconds later it did come back from sleep, but not without some anomalies. The music was no longer playing and the system appeared to be sluggish. Then 1 minute later the whole system completely freezed up, the only thing I could do was to move the touchpad. The machine hasn’t restarted for 19 days, what a record! Reluctantly, I forced turning it off. Then I started it up again.

And it started loading, and it loaded and it loaded, just won’t finish.

I tried turning it off and turning it on, same.

I tried running Vista set-up disk on it, it works. This prove the hardware is still good.

Holy Crap! Leopard is dead! No, no, Apple, for the first time ever, you have failed me!

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