E2140 DIY machine beats Mac Pro in xbench


I like it when the weak beats the strong.

I like it when the “game” becomes ridiculous.

I like it when there is amazingness.



So today I a accidentally used some of the Mac Pros in our library. They are great machines with Xeon Quad Core CPUs. But… I just can’t help feeling it’s… kind of not as fast as the one in my dorm as far as running Mac OS X (Leopard) is concerned. So I ran a test.

Since my E2140, too, is capable of running Leopard, why don’t I just use “the one benchmark you will ever need’” tool called xbench on both systems and compare the results?

And there they are, freshly benchmarked:

Mac Pro: 166.22

E2140:   180.52

*Results indicate overall performance through doing different kinds of tests.

*Larger value indicates better performance.

Well, what can I say?

This machine cost me less than $500. To see how much value the Mac Pro I used holds, I went to Apple’s website and configured a exact same model as the one in the library. $2299, that’s how much it is.

Oh, and I just saw the description that says:

The new Mac Pro. The fastest, most powerful Mac. Ever.

And it got beaten by a $500 cheap DIY build, running Leopard.

What can I say?

To some, there are certain things to be happy about.

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3 Responses to E2140 DIY machine beats Mac Pro in xbench

  1. Suotian says:

    well…it’s a smart choice

  2. Suotian says:


  3. Sirui says:

    Music credit goes to Narcissus.

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