Persistent Cold

I haven’t been ill for a long time. Any cold I accidentally got had usually been healed in one day or two, by my body itself. Medication was like totally unnecessary.

For the last week, however, it has been a totally different story. I got caught with some weird cold that affects my nose, and my nose only. It hurts a lot to move it and it got congested. Medication doesn’t seem to help much, if at all. It’s been close to two weeks, during which time everyday I felt I was at the state between getting a fever and not. Each time I slept the disease became more severe, and the more I slept the worse it got.

It would seem the best conclusion is my body has lost the ability to heal itself. For weeks the disease had not shown any sign of improvement. This just isn’t right. Something isn’t right.

I may have to go to Student Health Center for this… Hopefully nothing goes seriously wrong.

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