It is the process that matters, not the result!

My father has long criticized us Chinese’s stronger focus on results rather than process. So true have I observed so far!

The focus on result manifests itself in several ways:

People want to get rich fast. People want to be millionaire in a day.
People want to do things quick and get results quick in almost everything they do, often regardless of the quality.
Test-oriented education. Whoever gets higher score gets respected. Whoever gets higher score gets admitted. It’s all for the score, the result, never for the process, the study, the thinking.
Little respect for intellectual property or creativity. I don’t know how this is related though.
Little respect for pure goodness, which results in everyone being as bad as they can be.
Whoever gets the result gets respect. Whoever does things well gets nothing.
… … …
… …


Ain’t I any different?

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