Won PingPong Runner-up Trophy

Yep, there is a Hawkins (my dorm building) Ping Pong tournament today, and I got the trophy of second place! (uhh…)


I played five games today, most of them elimination matches. The second one with the Indian was close and made me chill. Then the Chinese player who was the last semester’s champion tested my skill and I ended up playing out an excellent match and won. The final was against a German player who is, objectively, higher level than me. It is said that he has played Ping Pong for 15 years… a bit longer than me. I had done almost my best yet he is, shall we say, pretty good. He managed to win the second round when I was at 20 and he at 16, that just shows… well, my weakness.

Overall these matches made me feel pretty good and even though I failed to be the champion this just reminded me how I should progress. Well done.

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2 Responses to Won PingPong Runner-up Trophy

  1. Suotian says:

    Indian always make people … chill

  2. CiCi says:


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