Does life need explanations?

"Life needs exclamation, not explanation." This string of words struck me without preparation. The exclamation mindset totally contradicts mine: I tend to find an explanation for everything, why it happens, how it happens, and ultimately why we are here, able to be aware, able to think, and able to reflect.

In the end, does these matter at all? Let us assume that one has everything figured out, so what? I can have an explanation for everything, but does it make my life "exclamationate"?

This unavoidably leads to the old question of what life is for. I believe I have thought a lot about it and decided it is just a process to be experienced. Anything else would be what you wish for and whether or not you can get it. You get it and you are happy and you do not you are unhappy, as simple as that. But ultimately it is just a process, regardless of whatever.

Now what life is for as a definition can be different for everyone, still I begin to doubt if the relative view of the world is entirely truthful. Shouldn’t there be a universal law that works for everything? For this case I guess the wisdom is: since life is so hard to explain, it’s better to live it by passion.

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