CoH Shock!


Yesterday I played a Company of Heroes game… and that game was special.

How is it special then? Because the opponent is no other but the now No.1 ranking (was No.2 yesterday) Panzer Elite player named Kruasen!

He is level 20, PE. ranked No.1 in the world.

I am level 8, American.

So… you can guess what happened…

I still don’t understand how it happened though. The relic system really looks up to me, it’s like destiny is calling… come on, play with level 20 and see how it works.

RelicCOH 2008-09-05 16-53-57-73

(The picture perfectly represented the difference…)

What made me happy is there were even time in the game I could have won! If only I had not lost so many squads of units I really could have won the game, and that would be… beating level 20.

Unfortunately level 20 cannot be easily defeated.

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One Response to CoH Shock!

  1. Suotian says:

     really looks up to you … really

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