This Scared Me for a Moment

I got a mail from Purdue, and it says the following:


You are receiving this notice because Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.
("Warner Bros.") has informed Purdue University that on or about 29 Aug
2008, you allegedly downloaded and/or shared the files listed in the
attached PDF via your access to Purdue University IT resources. This
action, if true, may infringe upon the intellectual property rights of
the copyright holder.

For full details, please see the attached PDF document.

More information regarding this notice can be found on the SecurePurdue
website at the following URL:

Copyright infringement is a violation of federal law and can result in civil and criminal penalties.  In
addition, these actions, if true, violate Purdue University policy and constitute an unacceptable use
of Purdue University IT Resources. As a producer of intellectual property, Purdue University takes
copyright violations very seriously and we expect members of the Purdue community to do so as
well. You are strongly encouraged to learn more about copyright law, University policy, and the
University’s commitment to protecting the intellectual property rights of others.  To learn more,
please visit

This is the 1st notification that Purdue University has received on your behalf regarding your use of
Purdue University IT resources to engage in activities that allegedly violate the copyright of others.
At this time, the University will take no further action against you and no response to this letter from
you is required.  However, you are reminded that copyright owners and their designated agents
may pursue legal action against you in order to protect their copyright.

Please note that if the University receives a third notice on your behalf, you will be required to
appear before the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities for adjudication under the Code of
Student Conduct.

Steve Akers
Executive Associate Dean of Students
Scott Ksander
Executive Director, IT Networks & Security


Damn, I am reminded for my "criminal activity". Will use DC++ for movies in the future…

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