Good start on ENGL 106

English 106 may be my least favorite course for this semester, but it turned out not quite. Yesterday there was an assignment to read an essay called "Dragon Slayers". Due to my bad time management skills, I read it in a hurry, like 20 minutes, for once. But I really liked it. Today in class there’s an quiz about the essay assigned, the teacher said it was easy. And it was.

I finished the quiz in a breeze, maybe less than 2 minutes, and as I finished, I began to watch others with curiosity. As the only international student in the class, I was bewildered to see how hard-working they were making each choice. After time up, we exchanged quiz and give it a score. I scored 100/100. 3 Americans of our group scored an acceptable 70/100, the other one did not tell. Later the teacher asked if the essay was hard for us, and some answered yes. The teacher (from Taiwan) then showed a puzzled face, may be she was also wondering how come American student sucked so much.

Now it’s not the time to be cocky; I still have lots to learn and just because I did one quiz well it does not mean I am of any good. Still, a flowering spirit of joy lit me inside.

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One Response to Good start on ENGL 106

  1. Suotian says:

    y they are sucked

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