The Problem of Me Going Abroad

Just talk about what I don’t feel good about.

America, is, well, decent. There’s just one big problem, and you know what the problem is?

Good as America may be (and possibly boring), I haven’t been here for, like, all my life. Is America better in every way? Is Americans better in every way? Clearly not. Clearly NOT. Or maybe it’s the definition of better that’s the problem.

There’s just this thing that cannot be resolved. You do not belong here because you haven’t always been here. This cultural barrier will be with you for at least years to come, unless you consider adapting to the social environment exciting everyday.

How do I thrive in America? As an international student now, what is my place in America? How does this period of my life fit into the big picture?

If I successfully graduate and work here ever since, it would have been better if I had just born here. Would it be much easier that way?

The point is I want to take advantage of my situation. We’ll see.

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