What My New Computer IS

This much as been spent on my new DIY computer:

RMB Parts

490    MB
410    CPU
560    RAM
300    HDD
1070  Graphics
90      Heatsink
280    PSU
410    Case

3610  Total

Tim bought me the case so that’s free. I also have a $20 rebate on the graphics card that didn’t count in there.

So my total cost is:

RMB ~3070

Hardware list:

Maxsun P35
E2140 Pentium Dual Core
Kingston DDRII 800 1GB x 4
Seagate ST3320620AS 320GB
Golden Ant III Heatsink
Antec 300 Case
TT 430W Dual Fan PSU

And here are the testing results:

SuperPi 1.1e: 21s
3dmark06: 10359
Crysis will run fine on DX10 High @1680×1050, and on Very High @1440×900.

Vista Ratings: 5.7 Base Score
5.7 CPU
5.9 RAM
5.9 Aero
5.9 Gaming
5.7 HDD

I am happy.

Thanks to all that makes it possible.

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