Macintosh Explained

Having been using Macbook for a few days, I found the Mac amazingly powerful, and highly efficient. I was just playing with Excel 2008 under Mac; seeing the operating style of Mac Office, this thought suddenly hit me:

If you are right brain dominant, you’ll prefer Mac OS.

If you are left brain dominant, you’ll prefer Windows.

I know, no more left right brain shit. But this is soo true…

Note here it is "dominant" instead of "stronger". If you prefer Windows it does not automatically mean your left brain is stronger, or vice versa. It is all about which brain takes control when a choice is presented. Both brains work coherently at any given time, and there’s no such thing as "single brain working mode", no such thing at all.

The human right brain appreciates symmetry, and do things in a more global style. It sees the big picture at all times and how everything relates to each other. Only a right brain could ask:"ok, so what’s this step for? How does doing this help?" Right brain is also visual and intuitive. Macs are always symmetric in design, highly visual, intuitive in operation, and simple in action. The style of Macintosh file / toolbox browsing is clearly from global to detail, always keeping the big picture in mind.

But this is not absolute. We can only say that Macs tend to be fit more within right brain thinking style, and it does not mean that Macs users don’t use their left brain much.

Therefore, the conclusion is Mac lovers are right brain dominant in thinking, while Mac haters are strongly left brain dominant thinking individuals. This fits exactly to all of my observation.

Mac haters are very talkative, while Mac lovers tend to talk less.

Macs are better at design, visual stuff.

Macs are simpler. (right brain cannot take too complicate a process, that’s a left brain job)

Mac works. (big picture is, it should work before it is anything else)

Mac users are more liberal. (right brain hates laws and routines)

Macs are great at multi-tasking. (right brain thinking style is visual-simultaneous)

More lefties prefer Mac than righties. 4 out of 5 original creators of Macintosh are lefty, and it’s no coincidence at all. As you know lefties tend to be right brain dominant.

More Windows machines than Macs. More people prefer Windows to Macs. (left brains dominants are the majority)

The two sides of human brain, reflected on computers… Windows and Mac, and in no way can I be wrong about this.

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