My Problem

I have been agonizing over how limited some people believe the world to be instead of how it really is, and not only in terms of beliefs, but also in terms of actions. Since beliefs can guide actions, and actions affect results, in the end some people blame the result, the methodology, instead of their own limited mind.

Not only this, the huge difference between the east and the west creates conflict in my mind. I gain understanding everyday by merely receiving stimulus from the environment, which I consider a good thing for that means I use my brain; it means I am making great progress.

No pain, no gain. No conflict, no progress. For those who experience nothing dramatic, I have one thing to say: you are still you. You are not making any progress. You are what you are yesterday and that’s it.

I begin to realize my problem, like my grandfather said, "I have so high demand for myself that I demand very high from others, and unfortunately it doesn’t work, and yet I still demand high from others and it creates lots of problems and has dragged me behind. Those fools are better than me."

I say, the hardest thing one can do is to escape from his genes. Genes is like a set-up. You are what you are because of your gene, and that is almost impossible to change. If one beats himself, there’s nothing one can’t beat (within limit). God forbids that.

It turns out the solution for my problem is simple: zero demand from others, no comparison between anything. Get selfish, get evil.

The problems such as the belief and materialistic differences between the east and the west is hard to swallow, and they never stay coherently with each other, so I have to come up with the "Two Systems Solution".

Just as I can install Windows and Mac OS in one single computer, with shared disk drives, I can also separate different beliefs and information within my mind. Let the information not merge. Let the idea not conflict. Let the people believe whatever they want to believe. Everyone is happy.

True, in the end, isn’t happiness enough? Isn’t everyone is happy the most beneficial outcome?

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