Where to, Sir?

Although I have already been here for one semester, the difference between China and the US still shocked me a bit, and have caused me certain discomfort. What’s the most different thing? People, and their languages. What’s the second? People’s mind, their belief about who they are and how they view the world. What’s the third? I would say the smell. As soon as you board the plane you’ll notice the strong smell of perfume in the air, and probably everywhere where there’s people, talking about the whites… America sounds different, smells different, looks different, tastes different, and most of all, feels different. It is, after all, the west, same planet, the whole different land.

At times I just wonder if I ever will fit in here, in other words, do I really like America? This time is far more serious than my first time. First time is like a try-out, an experience, a temporary stay. Gone is the trial period, this time is for real.

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