Macintosh Revolution

Macintosh, it is time.

Let me start by telling you that I have traded my well-served Dell 640m (bought in August 2006) with my father for the benefit of both of us. What I got is a dirty but under-utilized Macbook, a Macbook! The first time I had any contact with Mac OS was back in June 2005 when virtualization of Mac OS 10.3 Panther became possible on PC. I was just curious what the other system looked like, and it blowed me away! Despite being extremely slow due to architectural differences of virtualization, I immediately had the feeling that this, Mac OS X, should be what an operating system is like.

Apple distinct itself from Windows in various areas, but I think what makes Apple different is people. There’s a group of people that have taste, who appreciate quality, visual graphics, perfection, simplicity, and maybe superiority to the rest of the population. That group of people created the Macintosh, and it developed to its state today.

If Windows means quantity, then Mac OS means quality. It is as simple to describe as that.

Not being able to purchase my own Mac for various reasons, I have, over the years, spent tremendous effort installing Mac OS X (Tiger, now Leopard) onto normal PC with instructions from OSx86 forum. Sometimes the result was frustrating and I had lost some data due to it, but I can say with confidence that doing so had improved my computer skills such as problem-solving a lot. Just count it as a odd hobby of mine…

Then finally, the use of Dell 640m is no more. My new DIY machine, the ass-kicking E2140 makes running Vista a ease. The Dell’s absence of integrated web cam and mic renders its main use of VOIP obsolete. Windows requires too much maintenance and perhaps one quarter of the time spent in front of a Windows machine is figuring out what’s wrong with the system, which effectively lowers the overall efficiency of computing.

That being said I still like Windows, a lot. People usually prefer one system over the other but I try not to be biased. What is the use of preference anyway? Wouldn’t a preference limits the ranges of what you can do?

Besides the Macbook I now have another little Macintosh in my hand, the 2.0 firmware iPod touch, a perfect companion for the Macbook. Finally I have fulfilled my Apple dream and started to enjoy the benefit it brings by writing this blog entry.

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