Competitive CoH


As someone who just love RTS games Company of Heroes has been with me for almost two years. But it was only after Oct 2007 that I began to play online with real human, and then a whole new world opened. I began to see that it is only through playing against human player that one gets the real sense of playing a game, and that playing against an AI is kind of a waste your precious life.

Then there’s a slight problem: some people are good, really good.

Gamers who play CoH has skill levels determined by winning and losing. If you beat a good player you will get points, while when you lose you will lose points. When you reach certain points you will level up. So I began to level up. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, that’s easy. But then a little problem came after reaching level 5: I began to lose more frequently. While the road to level 6 isn’t easy, the advance to level 7 is damn hard. Still, I knew I was better than that, I knew I could beat them given how long I played. I became satisfied how fast I progress in this game, because I got four level 7s in American, British, Wehmacht, and Paner Elite, something not everybody gets in a short time. Then, the real problem came.

Although occasionally I could beat level 9 by accident, beating level 10 only happened once, and I suffered a lot by his swear language because he just didn’t admit I could actually beat him. Recently I have been losing to level 9s A LOT. Just today I beat two level 7s but was defeated by level 9s twice. Both match were close. They weren’t playing perfect but I just… had no means of winning.

Now I am stuck at level 8, both American and British, with British ranking 867 and American 1742. I am not sure exactly how many people play this game online frequently but the number should exceed 10000 globally. I was thinking maybe there is a rank which every person will eventually get to and then stuck.

Forgive me for being childish, but after the two losses today, why? How come they are so good? Have they played more? Have they practiced more? It’s just level 9, there’s level 10, level 11, level 12, level 14, even one person with level 20! That’s, f*! WTF level 20, you can’t even beat level 9, what will happen if you match with the level 20?

Now just think about something other than CoH. In every field, every single filed you can think of, that is competitive, there are people being extremely good at it. The more detailed you begin to look into, the better this trend goes. Why the f* are they so good?

There are times when one has no choice but to give up. This is what you are, no matter how hard you do, this is how well you can do, despite having done your best.

Acceptance or not, it is what it is. You are what you are. If one seeks to be the top thing in this universe, he/she should look into creating, instead of competing skills, ’cause skills can be perfected infinitely, while creativity has endless possibilities.

I always get the feeling that I don’t belong here. I just don’t belong in this universe, in the human race, that I, AM, NOT, SUPPOSED, TO, BE, HERE! Delusional or not, since I am here, let’s get this life over, with passion, and achievement. One of the good things about youth is being able to be ambitious.

Why not? Let me play again, see how it works.

Level 9, I am going to kick your ass.

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