Where computer speed doesn’t matter, that much


Computer hardware industry has been pushing the advancement of personal computers furiously for over a decade now. We have witnessed how our own personal computers evolved over the years, and that one machine typically hold its own for four years with minor upgrades. We know there are laws for silicon chips, whereas the law for us is to buy a decent machine every 4 years in order to keep it up to date. I find this trend increasingly like fashion. Keeping your machine up to date is like keeping yourself in the "computer fashion" circle. Being in fashion is good, nevertheless, being in fashion blindly (or just for the sake of being in fashion) isn’t that smart.

nVidia CEO repeated stressed the importance of GPU over CPU. Putting his intentions of selling more chips aside, he does have a point: CPU is close to enough; We demand more graphics. Indeed, what are new computers for? Despite not being as fluently-operating as the latest machines, our old machines are perfectly capable of handling every job except certain gaming or multimedia tasks. This means what we are not getting enough is gaming and/or multimedia processing, a job in which GPU find itself exceedingly capable.

Now it is the time when personal computers handle text close to infinite capability, and does image and sound pretty well, while still struggles in high definition video and gaming arena. What we really need is more storage for videos, possibly games, and better displays, and up-to-date graphics capability. Speed is important but, not as important as before now that we have these many "distractions". So in a way I agree with the notion that GPU (graphics processing unit) is slowly taking over CPU in computation intensive tasks, and that CPU is evolving to just an I/O processor. There is a great chance that I am wrong about this, though it does not affect me stating my current position on this issue.

I’d like to see revolutions in the future. Keyboard and mouse is a good way of computer input; it may not be the best. What’s the ultimate input? Maximum use of hands plus speech, and even eyes, or fiction-like mind control. What’s the ultimate output? Display the computer screen in your eyes, that’s ultimate. Project the computer screen onto your retina and, we become merged with computers. Eventually, we may just carry computers in our brains and it becomes the assistance of human brain. Think about this: you wake up and in your eyes you have your computer logged on. You can access wireless Internet anywhere like cell phone and read news or watch videos without looking at a screen. You may IM your friends with mind control input anywhere anytime or even start chatting with friends thousands of miles away without using a cell phone. Information doesn’t need to be recalled anymore due to in-eye computers giving it to you. Then our current life will be considered primitive and boring. Just imagine the time when we didn’t have electricity… Freaking boring right? We didn’t even have a washing machine… And, ah, Google?

Just as primitive tribes could find our current technological life unbelievable, our future could well be unbelievable too. Too bad we are in the present.

Back to reality. Computer speed doesn’t matter, that much. Computer revolution does matter, much more.

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2 Responses to Where computer speed doesn’t matter, that much

  1. Suotian says:

    the faster the better

  2. Sirui says:

    I don’t remember saying the faster, the worse.

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