I have finally figured it out


As you know I have been seeing life as a boring process to go through with success as an objective and transcendental consciousness as a goal. Bearing this attitude had helped me in certain areas but it also created me tremendous unhappiness. Whenever I do something I ask myself what is doing this for? How does it change anything? Does it matter? When things are not relevant I lose interest immediately. This, however, shall not be the attitude of viewing lives. It is exactly this attitude that makes life worthless.

While I may not know why I am here, it does not mean the whole thing is worthless.

What do I really want? Countless lines of thoughts suddenly gives me an intuitive grasp of the matter: AMAZINGNESS.

Good? No. Better? No. Best? No.

Amazing? Yes. Amazingness is adequate, and don’t forget to add beauty to the flavor.

It should just be amazing, and beautiful, to make it not a waste of time.


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