The Noob, the Pro, the Smurf, and the Elite


After playing Company of Heroes for a while, I really learned something from this game.

Some people are noobs.

Some people are pros.

Some people are smurfs.

Some are truly elite.

Noobs are new to doing something. They know little and do and say stupid things. When facing competition they are easily crushed.

Pros are still noobs in elite’s opinion. Pros knows a lot and are decent in doing something. However they still lack the vision and flexibility to see the truth of all these.

Smurfs are usually pros who take fun from winning to lower level players. They are afraid to compete on their own level and laugh at noobs’ ignorance.

The Elite are masterminds. They can easily overtake pros and love the ignorance of noobs. They can also smurf and kill pros easily.

Apply this structure to anything competitive. I clearly see the similarity.

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