What is right? What is wrong?


I have something to say about right or wrong. You see, without a definition, right and wrong do not make sense. It is like if you do not define up, there is no down. If you do not define what is right, then there is no wrong.

From what I have observed, a substantial amount of people are not aware of this. They think right is absolute. If you live on earth, you will understand that things fall down and rockets go up. But how about people living on the opposite side of the earth? Aren’t the direction reversed?

Just as up and down does not make sense when applying to larger space, right and wrong do not make sense either when applying to wider content.

I’ll give an example. If life is right and death is wrong, then keeping healthy is right, then eating healthy is right, but that is based on the definition that life is right. What about suicide? The right way to suicide, ironically, is to be able to kill oneself, while the wrong way is to not be able to kill oneself. If one defines suicide to be right, then keeping healthy is wrong, then further eating healthy is wrong too.

The key is how many people agree on one definition. Almost all people regard life as desirable, so life is right, then everything relating to giving and supporting life is right. But terrorist will see the death of certain people to be right, to their own definition, and since average people do not see their own death as right, they call terrorist terrorist, while terrorist themselves certainly consider themselves to be good, righteous people, and their target to be bad, wrong people.

The life and death problem seems to be easy to understand. But in real life when things are not clearly definable, that’s where debate begins, tension rises, dispute happens, war commences…

If a there is a war, killing the enemy, which is the same as killing human being, would be the right thing to do. In this case the death of the enemy becomes right. But the enemy would certain think the death of you would be right.

So what is right them? Well, it all depends on your definition, and how the majority of people agree. If the majority of people make different definitions of right, then this is how groups form, how organizations form, and how a nation is formed.

Luckily, a lot of times there is a common goal which is considered to be right by the majority. Since it is clearly defined, correctness therefore, can be measured by result.

So, if you think you are right about something, prove it by getting the desired result. And be reminded, that ultimately right and wrong do not matter. It is all made up.

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3 Responses to What is right? What is wrong?

  1. Samantha says:

    there will be no fault or right that  I agree with you.

  2. Samantha says:

    there will be no fault or right that  I agree with you.

  3. Samantha says:

    there will be no fault or right that  I agree with you.

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