Brain Speed – What Really Matters


A smart man’s brain is active. The brain is constantly processing information and dealing with input and output of clusters of information all the time. In some sense, the human brain is just a computer, and its performance can be measured in a certain criteria to meet a certain standard. It has come to my realization that BRAIN SPEED is actually very important. To make an nice analog to computer CPUs, human brain operates at different "clock speeds", or "frequencies". What it means is the brain can have different speed of processing information. Note that I meant processing speed, not input speed. You can read as fast as you can but you will not be able to understand that well if you read too fast, that means the brain is not able to process as fast as you can read. Comprehension therefore, is a kind of processing.

What I find interesting is that, different person can have different processing speed, and that even the same person can have varied speed at different times. The speed seems also to be task-specific, that is, it depends on the task being performed. But generally when the brain is fast, it is fast for everything; when it is slow, it is slow for everything.

Time is also relevant to the observer. A faster brain will experience time more slowly compared to a slower brain. It is all relative.

The purpose of this post is just to tell you that brain speed actually varies, from person to person, and from time to time.

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