Even if it’s 2:02 AM, I have to write it.

What a day! Our engineering team has been assigned and we finished our first
project today. It took us freaking 6 hours! After a whole day of classes, we
started at 7:00 pm and ended at 1:10 am. Are you fucking kidding me? This is
the homework? Now there’s a storm in Indiana, after 1:10 am I have to walk
back, in the heavy snow, 400 meters back to my dorm, when I realized I forgot
to bring my student I.D with me and therefore cannot get in. But no worry, Americans
sleep late. There were at least 10 students on the front lounge chatting and
one of them quickly discovered my situation and helped me get in. It was 1:30
am when I reached my door and my roommate wasn’t even back yet! Now it’s 2:08
am and he’s still not back! Why am I not in the mood of sleep? Because every
day he sleeps at 2:00 am (4:00 am occasionally due to homework) and it’s hard
for me to not follow his example given my history. What the fuck!

I feel I out of universe now. It’s just too different here. Too different.

I often admit to myself, that I have the worst English. My English sucks so
much I cannot even communicate easily.

And why I am using the "F" word? It is because one of my teammates
who came from Taiwan and learned English in Hong Kong like this word. After 6
hours of strong interaction, my head is floating with his speech. I have to
admit his variety in using the curse word.

Sorry for your eyes, but I need to get these out of my head.

"Hey, man, what the fuck?"
"What the fucking thing is this?"
"Shit, this piece of Microsoft shit"
"John you are a bitch!"
"Let’s see how the fuck they are doing"
"Dude, what the fuck is this?"
"Fucking shit"
"We still need to do this shit"
"Hey what the fuck, man?"
"Fucking crazy"
"… shit … fucking … shit …"

It’s quite easy to learn, isn’t it?

But I have to admit, what I did with my team today, there’s simply no
comparison. If I stayed  in China I would never do a project like this.
Such creativity and logic are required that I feel overwhelmed. Purdue definitely
is No.8 in Engineering!!! I can’t even verbalize how I feel right now. I am so
sleep deprived… Every day I read, go to classes, surf the web, read…

Oh, right, the storm. Now I’ve seen what a storm is. A storm is, a storm. It’s
still snowing heavily outside and there is no sign of stopping. Wind blows,
snow falls, experience the great storm!

Tomorrow I will meet and have lunch with a professor in management. A PhD, just
after I finish the morning classes. In the afternoon I will make up the reading
for Chemistry and do the individual homework for Engineering, which may take 2
hours. After that I’ll live 2 hours in the Engineering lab. After that it’s the
weekend, which I need to utilize to prepare for a 4 minutes speech that is due
on next Tuesday.

Overload. I am overloaded. Need sleep…

See you guys.

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