“D” Key Found

When I was going out today I accidentally caught a glimpse of a little black plastic square in the gap between refrigerator and the furniture. I quickly checked it out and it was my "D" key! Now how the hell did my "D" key get in there? I have absolutely no idea. Anyway, I am glad that I found it and this weird event remains a myth.
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2 Responses to “D” Key Found

  1. Samantha says:

       I am glad to receive your E-mail and to be your friend.
       I am a student at grade 2 in senior high school in ChengDu. If things go on well, I planed to study abroad after high school.
       But in fact, I have not done the things that I should do. For example, I have accounted the TOEFL test and will take it in May. But because of the study in high school, I don’t have enough time to prepare. So I am going to improve my English this winter vacation. Can you give me some suggestions? Thank you.
       On the other hand, it seems that take the SAT exam is good for application. But I am afraid that I don’t have enough time to learn for it.
     I think that ACT is more suitable for me. But it seems that there is no place to take it in China except HongKong. I am not sure which exam should I take. What is your opinion? Can you provide me some information about these two examination?
        Besides, I am interested in which way have you elected to study abroad. Are you mind to tell me? And can you tell me something about yourself?
        Thank you for your reading. And I will be happier if you write to me.
        I think that maybe I have made some mistakes such as wrong grammar in this E-mail. Please don’t mind.
         Waiting for your letter.
         Best wishes.

  2. CiCi says:


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