Speak to American

Today is a breakthrough, well, kind of. In communication class everyone has to speak about a topic, I was scared to speak and did not even have a whole script but I improvised and actually made the whole class laugh, and it feels, great. This is the first time I feel that I am able to talk to Americans. So in dinner I sat next to an Indian student, who happened to major in Engineering too. The Indian has an American friend named John. The thing is that Indian student left quickly so I and John began to chat. Guess what? He plays Ping Pong too. We seem to fit well with each other and he is pretty curious and knows little about China, which I can use to my advantage. We talked for about 20 minutes as I finished eating and 10 minutes out in the cold. Great! Now I can make the unprecedented advancement and talk to Americans! The only pitiful thing is I lost the cellphone number that he gave me, which means I have to look for the entire dining court for him in the future. Still isn’t it great to start talking to Americans not just Chinese-background students or Asians?
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