I was just managing my documents and suddenly found the receipt for my Resnet (Internet for the Dorm) application: CASH $55 Payment Accepted. So this is where I had spent the $50 cash! I am so glad that there was no thief after all, neither did I not lose ANYTHING! Life becomes colorful again. P.S. I feel so childish.

Purdue is… Small. After being here for a little more than one week I begin to feel that Purdue is, well, just a small place. It’s really not that big… And the US? Are you telling me this is the first-world country, that this is the best place on earth? After I got over the excitement I found the answer: this is it, so what? When I look outside I find the US flag and that’s it! That’s the US, some flags, some white men, some white girls, some white kids, some white babies, English is everywhere instead of Chinese and I eat western food, and perhaps Chinese food. This is it! This is the US, WOW!

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One Response to Sunday

  1. CiCi says:

    well, life goes on…

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